Pre-release builds

4 Mar 2018

I’m finally happy to announce the pre-release builds. In essence, that means more often updates with no need to wait for a full release.

As I have always struggled to pick the time for a release, this compromise will allow getting hands on the latest features and bug fixes in the soonest possible way. There is new a separate pre-release page where you can find the links and instructions.

P.S. I also want to apologise for the break.


Nulloy 0.8.1 released

6 Dec 2015

Due to lack of time this is just a bugfix release. Full changelog can be found there. Expecting 2016 to be more productive. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


Nulloy 0.8 released

7 Jul 2015

After almost a year of intense development I’m proud to present 0.8 version release. GitHub says it took me 184 commits with 9,695 additions and 6,500 deletions. Wow! So what’s new?

  • Nulloy now ships with more audio codecs.

  • I have fixed several waveform rendering issues, so now Nulloy consumes less CPU in both playback and idle states.

  • If your keyboard has media keys, Nulloy will understand them. Assign your own shortcuts in Preferences.

  • Mac OS X release is now universal and includes both i386 and x86_64 architectures.

  • New Slim skin. What do you think?

  • Jumps. Use arrow keys to make short jumps back and forth. There are three jumps, each with different distance, check the Preferences for configuration.

  • Continuous albums will play seamlessly, thanks to new gappless playback.

  • Finally you can now assign your own command for Reveal in File Manager....

  • Linux user can also customize the command for Move to Trash.

Check the Changelog for more new things.

P.S. Please let me know if there are any inaccuracies in the translations.

P.P.S. Linux repositories have changed the URLs. Check out the Download page.


SourceForge - GIMP Incident

28 May 2015

I am astonished how SourceForge acted and took away the control of the GIMP project page due to its “inactivity”. They also replaced the original installer with another one and bundled it with adware! Read the full story on Ars Technica.

SourceForge used to be a great place for open source projects, but not anymore. So today I moved all the Nulloy releases to GitHub. The links on the download page were updated as well.


0.7.4 Release

25 Jul 2014

It’s been four month and here we are. My github issue tracker just exploded with new requests and bug reports :)

Some new things in this release:

  • With your help we now have French, German, Polish and Russian translations!

  • Light theme for Metro skin. Use the button in the corner to toggle.

  • File filter. No more unwanted files in the playlist.

  • Mac global menu support.

Be sure to dig the Preferences for more.


Nulloy 0.7 released

15 Mar 2014

It has finally come! I tried to address some of the feature requests. I couldn’t make it all at once. If your request wasn’t fulfilled, maybe it will in the next release.

What’s new:

  • Displaying cover art. It will show up only if the file has one embedded. Try to click the cover art for full size.

    If you don’t want to see it, uncheck “Show Cover Art” in context menu. P.S. for Linux distros, you also need to install nulloy-taglib plugin.

  • Shuffle and repeat buttons.

    To re-shuffle the playlist, toggle the button.

  • Window maximization. Double click the title bar to maximize or use the maximize button in Native skin.

Also, I added Bitcoin button in the Support section, so don’t hesitate :) Thanks for support!


Tips & Tricks

18 Jun 2013

New Tips & Tricks section on the website. I will be continuously adding some useful content there, so visit it from time to time.


Nulloy 0.5.1 released

13 Jun 2013

Few key improvements since 0.4.5.

  • Changing waveform height.

  • Displaying media information on waveform

    Check out the Preferences and configure what you want to see. There are plenty of options.

  • Displaying time when hovering waveform with mouse

  • When you want to locate the track is on the hard drive, there is a new menu item in the playlist.

    It will open your file manager and select the file for you. Works great for Windows Explorer, OS X Finder and Gnome Nautilus. KDE Dolphin is on my todo list :)

  • “Open With Nulloy” in Finder

  • And last but not least. New Metro skin